Our Certified Technology Specialists are experts in the AV field and distance the services provided by Goliath Audio Visual from the competition. By leveraging Infocomm tools and resources, we guide the process from design to installation in accordance with all necessary regulations to successfully complete the project and ensure certainty in your satisfaction.


Certified Technology Specialist – Installers provide specialization in AV installation. Seek support from Goliath Audio Visual to get support necessary to successfully implement your needs. Our professionals are certified installers who have the necessary tools and equipment to carry out intricate projects and complex network designs. Our specialists work with clients as well as designers to ensure projects remain within guidelines and budget.


For the most complex design needs, our specialists have the most advanced training and certifications that represent the dynamics Goliath Audio Visual is willing to provide. Our installation specialists are certified in design as well as maintenance to ensure your complete satisfaction.

By leveraging the best expertise possible in the AV field and utilizing Infocomm tools and resources, Goliath Audio Visual can prepare business success from project infancy in the design stages and use necessary resources required to take new projects to the finish line. Let Goliath Audio Visual help you with your design today.

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